**** Club Policies to Remember ****
~The lost and found is located underneath the stairs outside the day camp room.
~Cell phone use in the Club and on the patios is prohibited.  Please use the side or front lawns.
~Tables for lunch can only be reserved for the time slot of 11:30am - 12:00pm.  Reservations can not be taken for times after noon time because it allows for more efficient seating of tables.  Thanks for your understanding!
~Please make sure you have a CBTC parking sticker displayed on your car window.  See David if you need one.
~If you lost or forgot to bring your Membership Directory to Chatham you can purchase one for $5.00 from David. 
 ~If you or your children make frequent purchases from the snack bar you may want to purchase a $40 snack bar card.  When ordering the card is punched, with no chit to sign, and the added bonus of less food chits in your Club billings! 
~THURSDAY NIGHT DINNER POLICIES:Please reserve or cancel by 3:00pm Tuesday.
Cancellations after 3:00pm Tuesday will incur a $15.00 fee per person unless it is able to be filled by another party.
Sign-up sheet will be posted at noon on Friday for the following week. First priority goes to parents and then to grandparents. As usual, sign-ups must be done in person, not over the phone. The program is open to children ages 3-8 and children MUST be potty trained.  Thank you!